March proved to be a very exciting month at Little Ones.  The month was devoted to Community Helpers.  We enjoyed visits from a vet, a doctor, a person who ships packages and a pizza store owner. Some of the classes also enjoyed individual visits from moms or dads in their class. The children had the opportunity to learn a lot about people and their jobs in our community.

April will be full of more wonderful activities.  We will be moving on to our units of spring, earth day and recycling. We will also be incorporating real caterpillars into the classroom so the children can experience their change into butterflies.  We will culminate that unit with the classes releasing the butterflies in the playground so that they can be free.  NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child is the week of April 23rd, and what better way to celebrate our children through all the wonderful activities that we do every day at Little Ones.  We will also enjoy a visit from the Kohl’s Museum story bus on April 26th.

We are looking forward to a great month!

Love, Sheree

Important Reminders

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are April 5th and 6th in the late afternoon and evening. Watch your email for sign-up information.
  • Please look carefully at your calendars for the Little Ones school closings in April due to Beth Shalom being closed for the holiday of Passover. Please take note that Little Ones revised their calendar to more than make up for the days that we are closed.
  • Scholastic Book Orders are due April 18th.


  • A special thank-you to Dr. Mike Lester, Katie’s dad, for coming in and talking about being a doctor.
  • A special thank-you to Dr. David Cohen, Sydney and Ethan Cohen’s grandpa, for coming in to talk to about being a vet and how to take care of animals.
  • A special thank-you to Geoff Weil, Ilana’s dad, for coming in and talking about how to pack up and mail packages.
  • A special thank-you to Todd Denenberg, Blake’s dad, for coming in and talking about running his restaurant, Viccinos.
  • A special thank-you to Melanie Pillar, Jack’s mom, for coming in and talking about being a nurse.
  • A special thank-you to Dr. Ryan Skale, Eli’s dad, for coming in and talking to Eli’s class about being a dentist.