December is a month that we at Little Ones happily look forward to.  In this busy month, we enjoy talking about all of the holidays that our Little Ones celebrate.  We talk about families, friends, love, giving and sharing.  We are lucky to have families from a variety of different cultures/religions who celebrate different holidays.  It is so wonderful for us to be able to share our holiday traditions and to learn and appreciate our likenesses and differences. We will also be participating in our holiday gift program.  The children will be learning about the importance of helping and giving to others and will be encouraged to choose an item that they would like to donate to the giving box for the Adopt a Family program at the Children’s Place Association. We encourage you as parents to take your child to purchase that item, so that s/he can experience the gift of giving by placing that item in the giving box.

The children will also be practicing for our holiday program.  Please refer to your December calendar for the time of your child’s party.  Please note there is no holiday program for the 2’s. We have found from experience that this is just too much for them.  Please don’t put any pressure on your child to perform.  It is not unusual for preschool children to become anxious about performing in front of people, and that is okay.  If your child expresses any anxiety about performing, please reassure him/her that s/he does not have to perform.  You may find that without any added pressure that your child may change his/her mind. If not, that is okay.  It is fine for your child to sit with you and enjoy the holiday program.  All of us at Little Ones wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!    Love, Sheree

Important Reminders
(1) Make sure that your child’s extra clothes are complete and that they are appropriate for the weather.  With the weather getting colder, it is imperative that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
(2) Please make sure that you send your child to school with outdoor clothing that includes a warm coat, hat, mittens (not gloves), and snow pants and boots when necessary.  A plastic bag for wet boots would also be appreciated.  Make sure that all clothing is clearly marked.  We do go outside everyday, unless the temperature is below 25 degrees.  If your child cannot go outside, please keep him/her at home, until s/he is able to participate in all school activities.
(3) Please make sure that you arrive at school on time for drop-off and pick-up.
(4) Be on the lookout for the “Star Traditions” note-another family homework project-that will allow your child to share a family tradition with his/her classmates.
(5) Refer to your calendar for the times of the upcoming Holiday Programs.
(6) Winter break will run from Monday, December 24ththrough Friday, January 4th.  Classes at Little Ones will resume on Monday, January 7, 2019.