February 2020 Newsletter

In the month of February, we will enjoy lots of fun activities.  From Valentine’s Day to parent child nights, we have lots of activities planned.

Valentine’s Day
We are aware that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and wanted to let you know that we will be celebrating Valentines’ Day in the classroom by talking about love, making valentines for our families and enjoying a special pajama day and snack; however, we do not exchange valentines in the classroom.  We have tried it in the past and have found that it ends up taking away class time that could be better used by the teachers for curriculum, that the passing out of valentines causes chaos for the first 15 minutes of class and that many times the children end up in tears.  We have also found that the whole process really does not mean very much to preschoolers and that they will have plenty of years in grade school to enjoy this experience when it will mean more to them.  We feel that from an early childhood perspective that the children will gain more from a regular school day.

Parent Child Nights for 3 and 4-year olds
Please refer to your February calendar for the evening of your child’s parent and child night.  Plan on spending a special evening with your child and experiencing a shortened preschool day.  In order to make this a really special evening for you and your child, we ask that you make babysitting arrangements for siblings.  Please note that there are regular preschool classes on those days.  Thank-you in advance!

Welcome and Congratulations
Congratulations to the Lisnek family on the birth of their baby boy, Parker, on December 27th.

Congratulations to the Brady family on the birth of their baby girl, Hayden Mika, on January 23rd.

Important Reminders
(1) The third tri-annual payments are due February 1.  Please try to be prompt with your payments.

(2) Make sure that your child’s extra clothes are complete and that they are appropriate for the weather.  With the weather being cold, it is imperative that your child has adequate clothing for the weather conditions.

(3) Please make sure that you send your child to school with outdoor clothing that includes a warm coat, hat, mittens (not gloves), snow pants and boots when necessary.  Make sure that all clothing is clearly marked. We go outside everyday, unless it is less than 25 degrees.  

(4) If your child’s class goes outside first, please make sure that you arrive at school on time with your child dressed and ready to go outside. Please also make sure that your child had a pair of indoor shoes. 

(5) Refer to your February calendar for parent/child nights for all 3-year old and 4-year old classes.

(6) Don’t forget that Scholastic Book orders are due on February 18th.

(7) Don’t forget that we are closed on Monday, February 17th for President’s Day.



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