A Letter from the Director
In March we will be starting our Community Helper Unit.   The goal of this unit is to teach the children about important people in our community, about their prospective jobs, about the fact that both men and women can hold these jobs, and that people of all ages can perform these jobs.   We will also be teaching the children about keeping their bodies healthy, about nutrition, about being safe around animals, etc.  This unit will include visits from a dentist, a doctor, and other assorted community helpers. We’re looking forward to a great month!

Love, Sheree

Important Reminders
(1) Please make sure that you have extra clothing on hand at school that still fit your child and is weather appropriate.

(2) Please do not allow your child to come in eating food.  With our children with food allergies, it is imperative that we keep the building free of any foods that may be dangerous for them.

(3) Please make sure that when you park in the front row in the parking lot that you pull all the way up so that the cars can pull in behind you without blocking the back row.

(4) As you are pulling in to Little Ones, please drive slowly and make sure you stop at the stop sign.

(5) Don’t forget that we are closed Monday, March 4th for District 27 Closure, and on Wednesday, March 13th for a staff inservice day.

(6) Don’t forget that we are closed from Monday, March 25th through Friday, March 29th for Spring Break.

We would like to welcome the Mathein family to Little Ones.  Liam joined Mrs. Lash and Mrs. Smason’s 2 1/2-year-old class in February.

Congratulations to the Groholski Family on the birth of son, William Grant, on  February 5th.

Congratulations to Little Ones staff for earning NAEYC re-accreditation.