I want to welcome you and your child to Little Ones Preschool.  I know that for many of you, this is your “little one’s” first experience away from home, without a significant adult. I realize that this is a big adjustment for you and your child, and I want to reassure you that we will do everything possible to help you and your child feel comfortable at school.

We have many fun activities planned for our first month of school.  We started off with our class playground get togethers in August on the Little Ones’ playground. We hope this gave you the opportunity to meet other families in your child’s class. Next, we have our Parent-Child Open House visits in September.  These visits will give your child the opportunity to meet his/her teachers and to become familiar with the classroom and classroom routine. Make sure to check the calendar for your child’s first day of school.

We will be spending the month of September learning about school, making new friends, learning about fall, and most of all becoming comfortable in a school setting. Please make sure to refer to the transition and separation suggestions in the parent handbook.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to talk to us so that we can make a plan that puts everyone at ease.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that you check your email and your child’s mailbox daily for important information.  Also, make sure you send your child with a backpack every day.  This backpack should be big enough to transport extra clothing and art projects back and forth.  Don’t forget to check the inside of the backpack after school each day for artwork, wet clothing, hats, mittens, etc.

All Lunch Enrichment Programs will begin Monday, September 9th.  Make sure to read your lunch enrichment letters and refer to the lunch menu, which is posted at the entrance to the building and on the website.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with you and your family.  Your child will have lots of learning opportunities that include learning to share; expressing his/her needs; using the toilet; washing hands; climbing; developing fine motor skills needed for writing; pretending; imagining; building; cleaning up toys; and using manners at the table.  All this learning, while having fun!

Make sure that you read our daily communication boards located right outside the classroom for information about your child’s daily activities, as well as check the website, www.littleone-preschool.comfor the monthly newsletters, menus and other information.  It is also important that you refer to our monthly calendar to be aware of all the upcoming events and activities.

Helpful Notes for Parents
Don’t forget to bring in your child’s school supplies, which include a snack item, a family picture, and a complete change of clothing (labeled please) in a large ZIPLOC BAG labeled with your child’s name.  Remember to mark all your child’s outerwear, including shoes and boots, to prevent loss.

Don’t forget to sign up with your child’s teachers for special day/birthday celebrations and to volunteer. Thank-you in advance for all your help!

For safety inside and on the playground, we ask that your child weargym shoes or other shoes with rubber soles and Velcro closings.  Clogs, crocs, open toe/heel sandals and shoes with slippery soles are dangerous on our climbers, balance beams, slides, etc.  Since we spend so much time in wet/snowy weather, Velcro closure shoes make it easier for your child to learn self-help skills in getting his/her shoes on and off and into snow pants and boots to go out to play.  Pull-on waterproof boots are needed for our winter fun!

We also recommend pull on half-pant nylon “snow pants” rather than the heavy bib style ski snow pants.  Most children cannot operate the buckles on bib pants and the half-pant is easy for children to pull on and off.  Please buy waterproof mittens rather than gloves – again they are easier for children to put on and foster self-help skills.

For safety purposes, please do not send your child to school with necklaces or neck chains, as they are dangerous and could catch on our equipment.

Please do not give your child gum or hard candy before school.  Gum and hard candy are not permitted in school and present a choking danger.

We have a rich program of fun and learning for your “Little One” each day, so there is no need for toys from home.  Leave your home toys at home!  A security item/transitional object (e.g., blanket) may be needed the first couple of weeks of school.  This item may be kept in your child’s backpack, so s/he can check on it during class to make sure it is safe.

Make sure you hold your child‘s hand in the parking lot at all times.    Please relay all this information to your caregivers, so we can continue to keep the children safe and focus on the fun of learning.Pleasemake sure that your child is always in a car seat with a seat belt when you arrive at or leave from school.  Since we are licensed by the state, it is our responsibility to ensure that each child is properly buckled in a car seat in the back seat while you are on school property (and we hope, beyond).  Also, please make sure that you are not on your cell phone when your vehicle is moving.  

It is important to your child that s/he arrives on time and is picked up on time.  It is very disruptive to the class and program when children arrive and/or are picked up late.  Be aware that the outside doors will be locked until 10 minutes before the start and end of the school day and that classroom doors will be opened 5 minutes before the start and end of the school day.

Late fees will be charged for late pick-ups.  Children become very upset when everyone else is gone and their pick-up person hasn’t come for them.  Please refer to your handbook for late fee charges.

Please make sure that your pick-up information is complete.  We cannot, by law, release your child to anyonewho is not authorized in writing by you and who does not present a picture I.D.  This law protects your child.  If you need to make additions and/or changes to your pick-up information, send a dated signed authorization note informing the school that this person(s) should be added to and/or deleted from your child’s pick-up list.

Tuition Payment Information
Tuition payments are based on a triannual payment plan. The remaining two payments will be due October 1stand February 1st.  Place your payments in the payment box located on the table in the Little Ones entryway.  Please do not hand it to a teacher or leave it in/on your child’s backpack, as it may get misplaced.  Please note that we do not “bill”, so it is important that you make a note on your calendar.  Late fees will be assessed after the 10th of the month.  Your prompt payment is appreciated and allows us to spend more time focusing on the children rather than paperwork and payments.

Welcome and Congratulations
Congratulations to the Jarosik family on the birth of their baby boy, Max Nathan, on August 6th.