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Process vs. Product Art

Process vs. Product The Importance of Individual Expression through Art By: Michelle Mallonée We all know that parents like those cute little pieces of art to hang up on the refrigerator. They like to be proud of what their child produced.  While it is important to please the parents it [...]

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How To Encourage Your Child to Write

How to Encourage your Child to Write By Sheree Feldman  There are lots of strategies that you can use to build fine motor and writing skills: (1)      Start building your child’s fine motor skills by encouraging fine motor activities, e.g., encouraging your child to pick up small objects using the [...]

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Separation Anxiety

SEPARATION ANXIETY By Sheree Feldman Almost all children experience some kind of separation anxiety between birth and six years of age.  This is quite normal and is a sign of a child’s love and trust in a parent/caregiver.  It shows that a child has developed trust that this adult is [...]

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