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We’ve had a fantastic experience at Little Ones with our two sons. Our older son has benefited tremendously from the great early feedback we received there and our younger son has flourished in the warm, loving environment.  My husband and I will always be grateful that Sheree took the time to evaluate our older son herself both years he was there. She then guided us through the process of having him evaluated by the school district and finally finding a private occupational therapist. Especially as a young kindergartener, our son really needed the extra help with his fine motor skills, and Sheree helped us see that in a kind, supportive way. After finishing up about a year of OT, the difference in our son is amazing. He loves drawing pictures and can write stories. He’s happy to draw and write now, where before he would get frustrated. In addition, his gross motor skills have improved tremendously. He learned to swim this year, and ride his bike and do the monkey bars. What is really great is that he is so much more confident. He’s had a great year in kindergarten and I’m convinced it’s a result of his preparation at Little Ones generally, and because he got the extra help from OT.  Meanwhile, our younger son just finished his first year in the Turning 3s class. We have been so impressed with the caliber of the teachers and the warm, loving environment they created in their classroom. We expected nothing less, of course, since this was what we experienced during our older son’s years at Little Ones as well.  We are looking forward to two more wonderful years there!

Marsha R, Northbrook, IL  May 2012


As a parent of a Little Ones graduate, as well as a child who is currently attending Little Ones, I can say with confidence that our experience has been outstanding! Besides the fabulous educational experience they provide (my son was more than prepared for kindergarten), I believe that Little Ones’ biggest strength is the family-like atmosphere that occurs naturally in this school. Each child is treated with love and respect. The dedication and personal investment by the teachers, as well as the director, is observed in all aspects of their job.

Heidi S, Northbrook, IL  March 2012


I have my second child enrolled in Little Ones, and have been at the school for 7 years now. My husband and I are both educators and we know that early childhood education is crucial to developing a life long learner! We chose Little Ones after researching all of our options. Not only do they have an outstanding curriculum, but all of the teachers are certified, not only in early childhood, but also in other specialty fields such as speech and occupational therapy. As important as credentials can be, nothing compares to the atmosphere in the classrooms at Little Ones! Children are loved beyond measure and there is a strong underlying theme of RESPECT! Our children are not only taught respect, but are allowed to be whom they are. Parents are treated with respect and are true partners with the school in the education of their child. Communication home is beyond excellent–the service provided by this school is ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!). Little Ones is certified by NAEYC, not an easy certification, but well deserved!! I know my oldest is enjoying success in his upper elementary because of the great start he had at Little Ones!

Stephanie R, Northbrook, IL  February 2012


All three of our children have attended the Little Ones’ preschool program (a seven year partnership with Sheree Feldman and the school), and each of them had such an amazing experience there! Our youngest child will be graduating from Little Ones this May, and I know that it will be a bittersweet time for us. Each of our children developed their self-confidence, friendships, and thirst for knowledge at Little Ones, and I’m confident that there isn’t a more attentive, warm, “hands on”, dedicated and caring pre-school director than Sheree Feldman! The Little Ones teachers are fabulous, and truly care about each and every Little Ones child. We are so pleased with the experiences our children have had at Little Ones, and I’m sure that our children’s fond memories of the school will stay with them forever.

Tami H, Glenview, IL  February 2012


I just wanted to share how impressed and appreciative I am of how smoothly Little Ones manages the transition for the “2s” to school. From the wonderful teachers and nurturing environment to the well thought out process and structure you have put in place – the important milestone of sending our first to school was as positive an experience as possible. Our somewhat cautious daughter was skipping from the car to the classroom this morning cheering “Pre-school, pre-school” the whole way… Thank you for making this transition so special for the entire family! Jocelyn already loves it there.

Emily K, Northbrook, IL  October 2011


My twins are entering their last year at Little Ones and just the thought that we are going to be done going to this wonderful place soon makes me tear up. For the past two years, the teachers, staff and director at Little Ones have gone above and beyond, taking amazing care of my kids. They treat each and every child as if they are a member of their own family. They stress things that are important to me, such as play and fresh air. They teach the kids so much without making it “academic”. It is hard to put into words how amazing Little Ones is. I could not be happier with this preschool.

Heather G,  Northbrook, IL  July 2011


Little Ones has opened it’s “arms” to our family in a way that we will forever be grateful for. The depth of individualized attention, warmth, love and sincerity that Sheree and her staff have shown our children is unparalleled by any other child-care/school program. The teachers have become our friends. The love in the building is overflowing and endless. The environment is electric. Our kids have thrived there. As parents, what more could we ask for.

With great appreciation, Adam & Lisa R, Northbrook, IL  June 2011


The teachers and director at Little Ones take time to truly get to know each child that comes through the door. They understand and nurture each student as an individual. It was amazing to watch my daughter flourish and grow during her time at Little Ones. I think it’s amazing that my three-year-old arrived at the Little Ones knowing virtually no one and left with several good friends, not to mention great self-confidence and a love of school.

Liz A, Northbrook, IL  May 2011


In the car after graduation, Sean said that he wanted his kids to go to Little Ones someday and Liz and Matthew agreed that they also wanted their kids to go there. You (and all of your wonderful teachers) make Little Ones feel like a second home to all the kids that go there. They feel so welcome and so loved. Thank you so much for all that you have done for my children! I really cannot thank you enough. You do a wonderful job and I am so glad that we picked your preschool to send our children to.  Thanks so much and enjoy your summer!

Cheryl C, Northbrook, IL  May 2011

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  1. Leslie K says:

    The following is a letter that I wrote to the Director, Sheree, about a month after school started. My twin boys are in the two and a half year class:
    “I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and tell you how much of an amazing job you (and ALL of the staff at Little Ones, even the subs) have done with my boys. I really cannot express how fully amazed and blown away I am with what I have seen so far and my experience with you. The caring, the attention, the individual feedback at Little Ones is just so far superior to my past experiences with other preschools. I feel like it’s important for me to tell you how TRULY appreciative I feel for finding your program. I knew in the past that I wasn’t getting everything I could be getting in a preschool program; I am so unbelievably happy and satisfied with my decision to come to Little Ones. I just want to say thank you a hundred times over for loving my boys, for taking care of them like I would, for all of the time, phones calls after drop off, feedback at pick up and for everything else to come.”

  2. Laura Greenberg says:

    When our son started at Little Ones, he was slow to transition. The Little Ones staff was patient, loving, and made his transition an amazing one! By winter break, we were singing a song at night about Little Ones to the tune of “Bingo” – and my son was saying “I want to go!” The director, Sheree, is an always present smiling face that ensures everything runs smoothly and the teachers are so warm and make things a lot of fun for everyone. We couldn’t ask for a better program for our son.

  3. christina says:

    I couldn’t be happier with Little Ones! As a parent it has exceeded my expectations of preschool. This is my son’s third year at Little Ones Preschool, and my daughter will be attending for three years starting in the fall. My son loves it so much and my daughter doesn’t understand why she can’t stay when we drop him off (she is too young). They are always excited when I say it’s time for school! All of the staff is loving and warm. Smiles all around. They take the extra time to get to know the children and their family. It is so nice to hear personal updates in person as well as their communication via phone, email, website. Their curriculum is a fun learning path for children. They are always doing new activities that teach the kids, and they make it extremely fun! It is amazing the things my son comes home and tells me he learned that day. I couldn’t be happier with the staff, school curriculum, and director. Thank you Little Ones for being the base of education for my children!

  4. Sanjana Jain says:

    I am extremely thankful to Little Ones Preschool for helping my daughter transition in the 2’s class. My daughter has a lot of separation anxiety, but Little Ones took extreme amounts of additional effort to slowly train and transition her into school by keeping her personality in mind. The teachers are patient, nurturing and they tailor their perspective based on the need of individual children. The Director and teachers give personal updates via email and phone calls, which makes my day to learn that my daughter is happy and in safe hands. I am grateful for that and can’t thank them enough. The activities in school are helping my child learn, develop and become independent. I am very happy to recommend the school to all my friends and family.

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