April 2019 Newsletter

April will be full of wonderful activities!  We will be moving on to our units of spring, earth day and recycling. We will also be incorporating real caterpillars into the 2's & 3’s classrooms, so the children can experience their change into butterflies.  The Prekindergarten classes will enjoy the experience of chicken [...]

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March 2019 Newsletter

In March we will be continuing some of our Community Helper visitors and will begin moving into spring.  I want to extend a big thank-you to all of the Community Helpers who have visited so far.  We really appreciate it!  Love, Sheree Music Benefits Your Brain (from Exchange Every Day) “Playing music [...]

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February 2019 Newsletter

At the end of February, we will begin our Community Helper Unit.  The goal of this unit is to teach the children about important people in our community, about their prospective jobs, about the fact that both men and women can hold these jobs, and that people of all ages can [...]

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January 2019 Newsletter

Well, it is hard to believe that 2019 is already upon us. December was filled with lots of holiday fun and much learning about the different holidays.  We talked about Christmas and Hanukkah.  This time of year gives us lots of opportunities to talk about how we are alike, yet different.  It also [...]

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October 2018 Newsletter

Your Little Ones have adjusted well to their new teachers, friends, and routine during September.  You have done a terrific job of reassuring your children that you will return to reunite with them as soon as class is over.  The children appear secure and free to explore their new classrooms, [...]

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September 2018 Newsletter

I want to welcome you and your child to Little Ones Preschool.  I know that for many of you, this is your “little one’s” first experience away from home, without Mom and Dad. I realize that this is a big adjustment for you and your child, and I want to [...]

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April 2017 Newsletter

March proved to be a very exciting month at Little Ones.  The month was devoted to Community Helpers.  We enjoyed visits from a vet, a doctor, a person who ships packages and a pizza store owner. Some of the classes also enjoyed individual visits from moms or dads in their [...]

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